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Girl Next Door Uncaged – Alexia Cage

Why do we fall for the girl next door? What is our infatuation with a sweet, innocent façade barely concealing a wealth of burning desire? Camster hottie Alexia Cage fits this bill and then some. She has that innocence perfected. Run your eyes over her nubile, sexy body teeming with seemingly unconscious sensuality and you can’t help but think: man, if we only knew how to hack cell phones. Maybe there’s a class we can take? Because Alexia is definitely hiding a digital trove of erotic treasures that would make most men melt. We sat down with her for this brief interview to see what dirty secrets she’d let slip:

Luke Carbone: What brought you to camming on Camster?

Alexia Cage: To be honest, I had NO IDEA what it was or what it meant when I decided to do it. All I knew was that I would be talking with people from all over the world, and that sounded cool. I was very shy when I started, but camming made me more confident in time. I got to know my body a lot better and what I like in matters of sex!

LC: What keeps you coming back to live cam?

AC: Feeling sexy! Meeting and talking with awesome people and having lots of fun making others smile and laugh. You can change someone’s day with a smile. If I weren’t camming, I would probably be a psychologist, because I really love talking to people and listening to them.

LC: What’s your biggest turn on?

AC: Words! Words are such a turn on for me. It always starts with the brain. A great connection and a few timely tips are the best combination for a great, intense, mutual orgasm! But I do have a thing for tan lines … and pantyhose, stockings, and panties.

LC: How about roleplay? Any sexual fantasies you love to get lost in?

AC: Yes! I’ve recently discovered that I have a favorite! The Doctor/Patient dynamic really does it for me!

LC: What’s the best way to break the ice with you?

AC: Just say something funny. Again, it all starts with the brain.

LC: Tells us what makes the perfect first date for you.

AC: I’m a simple girl, I think. A great date really only needs good food, a movie … and a cute guy! (laughs) Honestly, when it comes down to it I’m a Netflix at home girl! I love movies.

LC: What’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?

AC: Craziest place? That would be on the beach with lots of people around (laughs). Until then I’d only been topless on the beach … but I think I like a more intimate setting. Like in a bathtub with some wine…

LC: What do you get up to off cam? Where is real life taking you?

AC: In five years I see myself in a new home filled with love, sex, and lots of cats!

LC: What does sexy mean to you?

AC: Simply, a man who craves me even with my clothes on!

What’s great about a girl next door on Camster? Well, for one, you can peep on her naked body without alerting the neighborhood watch. Find Alexia Cage on Camster and add her to your favorites. You can dip into her room and get to know her, or take her private and become her brand new dirty little secret.


Now Showing: Camster Girls Reveal All on Video

Want to know what it’s like to go private with one of the Camster girls? Free chat can be fun, and can have plenty of moments you can store in your spank bank, but it’s behind the veil of a private show that sensual exploration can really go deep. Here are some standout Camster girls showing you exactly what you’re getting into when you decide to take her one-on-one. Don’t forget to turn on Cam2Cam!

Afternoon Delight Playtime

Ravishing blonde Camster girl Ambrianna is on a solo sexcapade. She’s locked herself away in her best friend’s bedroom with a thick, rubber traveling companion. Her bright pink panties are stripped away as she runs her fingers all over her lewd, ripe body. She throws her supple legs wide, plunging the dildo into her desperate, dripping sex, prodding every trigger within her reach. Back arched, Ambrianna moans and trembles, on the brink of a massive release. Will she achieve her ultimate goal, or is she destined for some coitus interruptus? Watch Afternoon Delight Playtime to find out.

One of her Favorite Hard Cocks

Sweet, petite Little Lillyy uses this vehicle features one of her favorite sex toys in this Camster private show, but its not the one you think. She’s a natural, naughty girl who loves live cam2cam sex. This kinky American girl keeps her guest on edge for more than 10 minutes, her eager, beautiful eyes drink in the size of her viewer, filled with hungry desire. She breaks out her hitachi, and it hums against her perfect pussy, making her lovely toes curl. This camgirl’s got it all. The brains, the looks, and a silver tongue ready to seduce you into doing some awfully beautiful things. Check out Little Lillyy as she dirty talks her way to a big finish.

Quirky, Cute, Seductive

Hailey Throne is an energetic blonde college girl who emits intense sexuality in every private live cam performance. Her performance in this camgirl clip is intense, but also light-hearted and fun. It’s hard not to chuckle when the video opens. Hailey was clearly in the midst of entertaining a large group of gentleman callers with a submissive spanking before she was suddenly taken private. But she overcomes her surprise and slows down for a highly sensual one-on-one cam show. She treats her fan to a simple, and yet highly magnetic, vibe show, giving a tour of a body that’s sure to inspire sinful ideas in all of us. Watch Hailey Throne in Quirky, Cute, Seductive. Feast your eyes on her luscious, perky tits, and you’ll have a hard time restraining yourself when it comes time to click that “Start Show” button the next time she’s live on Camster.

Private Backdoor Action

Little Lacie is a hentai waifu come to life! This adorable Asian cutie loves her some sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and getting freaky. If you’re a love-starved nerd, a private Camster show with Lacie will be a wet dream chocked fill of roleplay, cosplay, and fetish play! In this video, she’s the not-so-innocent girl next door in sexy strappy lingerie. She is your dungeon master, ready to please all in a passionate blowjob. She ravages every pixel of her thick dildo with glistening spit. Next she shows off her flexibility. Her lithe legs go all the way back! But the most explosive moment is when our living anime girl sheaths her sword deep in her own tight back door. Watch Little Lacie in Backdoor Private Action and you will know why you need to get in on the live Little Lacie girlfriend experience the moment she’s on Camster live.

I Want to Ride Your Hard Cock

Olive Ray smolders in this 5-minute upload. As always, the sweet southern girl has a perky body that is a wonderful to behold, and it seems like every time you visit her in Camster chat that body is on full display. In this clip, Olive tells you what she wants, the delightful filth slipping from her pretty pink tongue. When she says “I want to ride your hard cock,” it is like music. But this dynamic southern camgirl knows it’s just as much about the ride as it is about the journey. Her tender lips wrap around thick toy, swallowing it whole, making every inch wet. When she mounts up, shudders of ecstasy thunder through her, but Olive makes it clear that the big finish she’s most concerned with is yours. Watch Olive Ray in “I want to Ride Your Hard Cock,” and you’ll know what you’ll get when you enter her titillating party chats on Camster!

Exclusive Interviews Girls

Harlowe Nova is Curvy, Thick, and Full of Filthy Fantasies

Soft and sexy, Harlowe Nova is a Camster girl worth knowing about. As a man who spends the majority of my free time thinking about sex, it’s so thrilling to know there’s a woman out there just as full of erotic thoughts as I am. Especially since she’s into live nude camshows. We chatted up this American girl to find out why she seems so natural, so comfortable, and so incredibly seductive the moment she gets on cam. The former phone sex operator is the real deal: funny, bubbly, delightfully dirty, and ready to explore! She told us all about her online sexual awakening, and offered up some easy tips to get right to the good stuff in her private shows and parties. Read on and come to her chatroom armed and ready!

Camster: What do you love most about being a cam model?
Harlow Nova: I get the pleasure of making friends from all over the world, giving and receiving pleasure, learning about all sorts of different kinks, and doing sexy stuff on the internet all from the comfort of my own home. What isn’t to love about that? I love that fact that I get to please and be pleased. It makes me feel good to make others feel good.

Camster: What were you like before camming?
HN: (laughing) Prior to camming, I was similar. Just less naked, fewer sex toys, and less lingerie. Definitely a lot more comfortable discussing all sorts of sexual topics and kinks. And more comfortable with anal than ever.

Camster: Where do you hope to be five years from now?
HN: I would like to go back to school for Sexology … so I can become a Sex Therapist. It’s always been my dream to help increase the pleasure in people’s lives and reduce shame. I like to think camming helps with that in some capacity.

Camster: What has quarantine life been like for you?
HN: It’s honestly been fine for me. There are a lot of things I’ve missed doing, but camming helps me get the social interaction I crave. It’s like having a party everyday with friends that I get the pleasure of getting naked for.

Camster: Okay, You’re clearly ready to move past the pleasantries. Let’s get to the good stuff! What is something you would like to do on cam that you haven’t tried yet?
HN: Definitely Use a fuck machine during a party! Don’t have one yet, but I’m hoping some fans will help me make that possible!

Camster: Oral … are you a giver or a receiver?
HN: Oh gosh! Do I really have to choose?! Both please. (laughs) But if I can only choose one, I would say give oral. It turns me on SO much to give someone pleasure and make them cum with my mouth. I go at it with lots of spit, eye contact, and enthusiasm. No one wants a reluctant blowjob.

Camster: What is best in life … spanking or hairpulling?
HN: Asking me the hard questions! I want to choose both again, but if I’m only allowed to choose one, I say spanking. I often deserve lots of spankings.

Camster: What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
HN: Having sex in zero gravity outer space!

Camster: What do you like to wear on cam when you want a big reaction out of your viewers?
HN: Something low cut, a thin top that teases the outline a nipple … showing cleavage … and a thong. Anything that shows off how curvy and thick I am.

Camster: Any catch phrases you like to use in your chatroom.
HN: (laughs) “I love your giant jiggly sloberknocker milk truck titties” … someone actually said this to me and it had me rolling with laughter. I like to be seduced with humor and puns, especially when it fits the context of the conversation. Banter is good!

If you’d like to dip into some sex chat with a gorgeous PAWG with big boobs, look no further than Harlowe Nova’s chatroom. This curly brunette with the bodacious curves can be found on Camster, or follow her on Twitter!


Break the Ice – Get More Love From Your Camgirl

Here’s the situation: You just found a new camgirl and you’re completely smitten. The problem is, whenever you jump into her room, there’s already a conversation in progress, and it’s clear lots of other guys are vying for her attention. You don’t want to be some anonymous pervert admiring her from afar. You want to be a beloved pervert who makes her eyes light up the moment you enter the room. How do you go from a random string of letters and numbers to sex cam hero? The Camster girls are here to help you break the ice:

#6 – Tips

Now, let’s be honest. The most direct way to make you rise to prominence in any camgirl’s world would be tipping, or taking her into a paid private show. The girls of Camster know what you’re here for, so in turn it’s okay to acknowledge their motivation. Don’t beat around the bush. Come with credits, and use them to get the interactive sex toy in her panties humming!

“A fan who wants my attention can do it with constant tips,” says gorgeous Latina kinkster Kristin Rose, “but if they want to keep my attention, good conversation will help us find that chemistry.”

Don’t panic! Tipping is definitely not the be-all end all! It’s just one part of the ice-breaking formula.

#5 – Get in the Mix with other Members

If you’ve found a camgirl worthy of your affection, chances are, you’re not alone. You can become part of a “cammunity” of fans. So get into the chat mix with other members. The good thing is, you already have something in common, so you can geek out on your cam cutie together.

We asked crystal-eyed southern belle Olive Ray what newbies should expect in her chatroom.

“A lot of nudity and a lot of joking around! We’re usually just hanging out and then we’ll switch it up to a really fun party chat. I want my room to be a place where guys can relax and get away from it all. When someone new comes in and starts joining in on the conversation and joking around with me and my regular members, they definitely catch my attention!”

#4 – Just Go Private and See What Happens!

Maybe mixing it up with other members makes you uncomfortable. You’re shy. That’s okay! Maybe for someone like you, going for an intimate one-on-one is the best option. Fortunately, there’s no harm in trying. Private shows cost credits, and simply starting a show will let any Camster girl your interest is serious. Camster girls can be shy too, and those that are really tend to shine in the private show setting.

Take Arianna Aries for example:

 “I’m fine chatting with new visitors or old friends. But the best way to get to know each other is to take me private. Also, I love Cam2Cam shows. I love to see the person, and move beyond our virtual form.”  

#3 – Be Funny!

“I have a crush on funny guys,” says smoking-hot brunette Mary Harris. “They are never boring, and that makes things more exciting!”

Yeah, we know that’s kind of like telling someone to “be creative,” or “be interesting,” but the truth is, just like in our off-cam lives, our sense of humor can make us shine in someone else’s eyes. So try a joke, a funny comment, or a little sarcasm! Maybe watch the chat for other comments that make her laugh to get a sense for what she likes. By and large, making a Camster girl laugh is an almost universal in.

#2 – Be Open & Interested

“Ask anyone in my room, my attention is almost always given to people who genuinely want to talk to me,” says punky American girl Cassidy Blackwood, “and I don’t mean ‘I love your ass’ comments … I mean: ‘how are you?’ I’m always waiting for a new and true friendship with a member.”

The Camster girls inspire lewd thoughts and wet dreams in everyone they meet. But they’re also real women who are so much more than incredible tits, perfectly shaped asses, or pouty blowjob lips. It sounds so simple, but starting a conversation with “how was your day?” goes surprisingly far in the eyes of many camgirls.

#1A – Be Polite!

“The best way is just to be nice,” says adorable college girl Little Lillyy.

Again, sometimes it’s the simple things that catapult you into a camgirl’s inner circle. Virtually every Camster girl we asked to quote for this article has replied with some version of “good manners get my attention!” Remember, you’re born a man, but you can choose to be a gentleman … even while you fantasize about her ravishing body.

#1B – Be Patient

Sometimes the simple truth is, the camgirl you like is busy, and chatting with dozens or hundreds of people at once can be overwhelming. Stay calm and try to be patient. Maybe your connection isn’t in the cards at this moment, and the satisfaction you seek may have to wait until later.

“I appreciate the person who understands where he is and has the patience to wait for an answer … because there are a lot of people in chat who want attention.” – B Alice

In the meantime, there’s more than one way to seduce a camgirl! Try following her on Twitter, Instagram, or her other social media accounts. Interact with her content, comment, like, and share her posts, and you can pave the way to a steamy encounter the next time you see her live on Camster!

Girls Top Cam Girls

Camgirl Cosplay Goes All The Way!

There are countless clickbait articles on the internet that highlight hot girls in cosplay. Slideshows of the latest array of “sexy” costumes on Halloween, or amateur Harley Quinns and Princess Zeldas who go all out to get a rise out of the nerd universe at Comic-Con. There’s no doubt pics like those arouse the lusty trekkie in all of us and inspire us to imagine some pretty x-rated fan fiction.

The camster girls are great to look at, sure. Especially Alice Haaze as the comic world’s favorite amazon princess. But you don’t have to limit yourself to looking. With camgirls like this, you can act! Visit Alice Haaze in chat and suddenly, you’re doing more than looking: you’re acting. You don’t have to imagine what color panties Wonder Woman wears. You can choose! You can join her in the Justice League and discover all the kinky ways heroes fill their free time. Or play the villain. Capture the heroine and make her submit to your every whim.

Maybe high fantasy is your thing. Perhaps you are a legendary warrior ready and willing to be seduced by an elf queen like Arianna Aries. Marvel as the roleplay unfolds, and her highness peels off every article of her clothing until you have no choice but to ravage her. Find Arianna Aries on Camster, and go beyond the kinkiest imaginings. And while you script the scene, you’re not limited to typing. In your own private fantasy, turn on cam2cam and let her hear your every command !

Okay, so, maybe you’re not the type of guy to crush on fictional women. But whether you are or not, Camster girls are very real. Maye Daye can be your dream centerfold, the one you ogled in that magazine you found in the woods in your youth. Or you’re a womanizing billionaire, enraptured by tonight’s entertainment. Live cam girls are so much more than just live nudity. Whether you’re looking for a more grounded encounter, or you want to travel in time, these girls love to perform.

The scenario you want to play out does not need to be so high-minded. Often enough, we covet what we see every day. You may want to be Belle Russeau’s college soccer coach, preparing a can’t-lose training regiment for your players. You long to hear her say “yes, coach” as she moans with desire. Or you bring your open palm down to add some pink to her perfect ass. You’re a disciplinarian, and you demand perfect form!

In the end, there really is no other place that sets your sexual imagination free like a camgirl’s chatroom. You have every opportunity to get to know them. See which Camster girls are right for your parts, and audition each one with a spot of roleplay. Maybe she melts into the scene you’ve always dreamed of, and you come away from your time on Camster with another fantasy fulfilled! Sample more of our girls in our Cosplay VOD section!  


Big Tits Just For You- Check Out Hot Cam Girls Baring Breasts in Sexy Photos

One thing we love about watching cam girls online- the moment when they remove their tops showing us their big tits. Then when they play with them, massage them, lick them…these girls know how to tease their men on

Check out these two hot babes and the tits you can see in your next private show.

Mia Wood

Age: 23

Breast Size: C Cup

“The first thing that I noticed about Mia, was her gorgeous smile, then her amazing eyes and awesome body. But she is also so sweet and fun to be with.”

Blanche Summer

Age: 33

Breast Size: D Cup

“All I can say about Goddess is WOW! She is truly perfect when it comes to giving you everything you want. Her outfits are always stunning. Her body is soft, sexy, and lickable all over. I can not wait for the next show!! Thank you, Goddess.”

If you think titty play is hot, then you’ll love it when these girls do more! They’ll bend over and show off their tight holes that are made to please your cock. Then they’ll turn over and spread their legs showing their wet pussies that need to be satisfied. Think you can make that happen? You’ll have to prove you’re worthy…after all, these girls are looking for a good man who knows how to make them feel good in live sex.

So let’s have some fun this weekend!

Find thousands of hot cam girls on!


Divora is Becoming Sexier in Every Show on

Divora remains one of the hottest cam girls on She’s been on the site for four years now and she’s still requested in her BDSM performances. For anyone who likes to be dominated, Divora is the woman for you.

She has years of experience doing this and knows what will hit your erogenous zone the most. She is in control and we need to worship her.

Divora also happens to be a sweetheart. She is full of class and wisdom and needs all the attention in the world.

Check out her latest review:

“Divora is sweetest, kindest, model on the site. She has a fantastic body. She now has long blond hair makes it even more attractive and sexy. She is the hottest all-natural elegant lady on the site. She has a perfect body and a gorgeous face. She is perfect from head to toes amazing body she puts to shame ladies 10 years younger. She is sweet, responsive, and just fun. She wears hoses that really take her to the top level. She gives an excellent show. She earns every credit and, boost. I highly recommend this gorgeous elegant lady to all.”

This woman is truly everything we need when we’re looking for a connection.

“Now I’m just a table for the legs of the owner, and a couple of minutes after the game we are a couple in love,” she said in her profile.

Get your private show with Divora on!

Girls Scheduled Shows

Lady Caitlyn is Giving Naughty Shows on Halloween and This Holiday Season!

We’re at the best time of the year. We have Halloween coming up and then it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. All the best holidays to look forward to.

And guess what? We can celebrate these holidays with Lady Caitlyn on This girl is all set to perform in some sexy shows online and she wants a big audience there to join for the fun.

Caitlyn has been camming for more than a year and she is kicking ass. This woman has beautiful tits, full lips and some of the best pussy shows we’ve ever seen. Now, we have more shows to look forward to as we get into the fall and winter holidays. Yes!

Here is the schedule to watch Caitlyn:

Saturday, Oct. 30 at 6 a.m. EST

Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 5 a.m. EST

Friday, Nov. 5 at 6 a.m. EST

Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 3 a.m. EST

Thursday, Nov. 11 at 6 a.m. EST

Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 4 a.m. EST

Friday, Nov. 19 at 5 a.m. EST

Tuesday, Nov. 23 at 3 a.m. EST

Saturday, Nov. 27 at 7 a.m. EST

Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 5 a.m. EST

Saturday, Dec. 4 at 5 a.m. EST

Wednesday, Dec. 8 at 7 a.m. EST

Friday, Dec. 10 at 7 a.m. EST

Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 4 a.m. EST

Friday, Dec. 17 at 6 a.m. EST

If all of these shows do well for Caitlyn, then we can definitely expect more in 2022! The more we see Caitlyn, the more cumshots we’ll have in the new year.

Cam girls like Caitlyn need to be seen! Let’s enjoy live porn with this beauty.

Get your private show with Caitlyn on!


Celebrate Halloween With 9 Sexy Cam Girls Going Live!

It’s almost Halloween! Time for some booo-bs!

If you want to date some hot chicks online without being “ghosted,” then enjoy some private time with these beautiful cam girls online. These models are spending the Halloween season on and they want to celebrate some spooky fun with new friends. There will be sexy costumes, fun roleplay scenarios, playing with toys, and anything else your cock desires. After all, cam models are here to please.

Check out the top cam girls of October with some insight on what they deliver in their live sex performances!

Flirt Babes

“You can easily discover our fantasies without us telling you a single word. Intrigued? Step in and let us show you what we got! We love the group parties!”

Kris Monroe

“I like men who know how to make a girl really wet and drive my mind crazy. The same thing I want to do with you. I have many fantasies and many things that I would like to do.”

Devious Angell

“I love role-plays because I don’t have to stop playing just because I grew up. I’m pretty open so tell me what your fetish is and maybe we can experience it together!”

Ella Claire

“I want all my mornings to be awake near you, looking at me and letting you kiss me all over. Will you do that with me?”

Victoria Desire

“I love to dance for you with slow sensual moves while you’re watching me, craving for my soft skin and feminine body that tells you with every move all the ways it wants to be adored by you!”

Emily Sheen

“I just enjoy being sexy. I play a lot of games and I love a good conversation.”

Kay Devon

“I enjoy those who can hold a conversation, laugh, and let me be their private porn star. Someone who can keep me on my toes, teach me new things, and enjoy my company.”

Edith Oliviere

“I like a deep conversation with someone that can turn on my mind.”

Ashley Ramirez

“Come see the magic for yourself.”

Find thousands of sexy cam girls on!


New Cam Girl Liza Reinolds Likes to Tease and Seduce in Sex Chat

We all love a new girl who joins Liza Reinolds is the new icon who became big after only a couple of months. Obviously, this girl was destined to become one of the top cam girls. Just look at how beautiful she is.

“I like to tease and seduce. I am into any roleplays. I like to play with my pussy and ass. and I have some naughty secrets for you. Welcome.”

So far, Liza’s favorite fetishes are JOI, small penis humiliation, teasing and dirty talk. Sounds like we’re seeing a pattern here…this girl has the potential to be the new dominatrix…

Liza is only 18 so there’s a lot for her to discover…but she’s already a woman in charge with her special talents in making grown men drop to their knees and worship her like the real queen she is.

“Hi, guys. I am a sexy naughty 18 y/o girl with LOVE for u. I can describe myself as a modern, sexy and active girl. Feelings and sensations are important parts of my life. I do not like anything boring. I like to explore my body looking for new expressions. I like to be naughty and If you are trying to find a girl to realize your crazy wishes and fantasies, I m here and I’m always ready to try new things.”

One review down and Liza has lots of adventures left in her camming career:

“This girl is really amazing. Very beautiful and very friendly.”

Get your private show with Liza on!