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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Secret Sienna Talks Inner Strength, Making Memories on Cam, and Birthday Coming Soon!

“Come and find the magic world.”

Secret Sienna has been one of the most alluring cam girls for nearly two years on This girl is stunning and loves all kinds of naughty activities on live sex chat from submission, to wet and messy, to dirty talk, and so much more. Fans love looking at her nice tits and creamy pussy, but it’s really her sweet personality that draws them in.

Little did we know that Sienna faced some hardships before she started camming. In an exclusive interview, she talked about what brought her to this new career and how it turned her into the woman she is now. She loves camming because it’s all about the memories!

This girl also has a birthday on October 22nd…be sure to give her something nice!

Why did you decide to be a webcam model? 

It was a difficult time in my life when I decided to do this. I was working in a clothing store only a phone call from my mother completely changed the way I was. My father had died and it was quite difficult for me. To help my mother and younger brother, I decided to open an account. At first, it seemed very difficult because I am not the person who likes to be the center of attention, not even in pictures or videos. It’s been a few years since I’ve been a model, but now I’m like that. Even now, I am shy and my heart beats when I am about to go online. 

Looks like you have a birthday coming up. Any big plans? 

Yes, my birthday is approaching! Considering what is happening in the world, I can’t plan a big party, but I will spend some time with friends and my new puppy.

What’s the best present a customer can give you? 

If a customer will give a large number of credits, I think I will start crying. I think if they simply message me, my heart will melt!

What do customers usually notice about you first? 

This is a simple question. I think they notice my boobies. 😉 And after, my accent because it’s very funny when I speak English and some customers who know me very well will know that I’m very funny and I like to make a lot of jokes in private chat.

How would you compare yourself from the time you started as a cam model to where you are now? 

I am not at the point where I would like to be, but I try to maintain and evolve more in this field.

What do you love most about being a cam model?

I think I like it because I can make a lot of memories with people around the world- not just sexual memories. 

What are you going to dress as for Halloween? 

I really don’t know…I have to think and decide. I have some ideas, but I keep them a secret. 😉

If I weren’t camming, I would be a ________

I would have wanted to work for children with family problems. This was the school for which I studied, but never professed because I moved to another country.

Where do you hope to be five years from now? 

In the next five years, I want to get married and have twins- this I want most. I hope to find the right person and with whom to understand until the end of my life.

What is the best way to make you laugh? 

Good jokes! A good man with a good sense of humor.

What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?

Let’s start by saying everyone has sexual fantasies. Yep, the entire human race has a mind that drifts to the gutter at least sometimes. But mine is multi-partner sex. 😉 

Favorite fetishes?

I have many fetishes (I would say kinks). I generally love the pleasurable feelings on and in my body wherever they may originate from. And also I get turned on by thoughts of doing or being dirty (physically or even mentally). 

Favorite sex position?

Here are some- lying, doggy, harp…and The Soft Rock. 

Favorite role-play scenarios to act out?

My favorite is strangers in the night. What I will love to try in a private show- teach me everything you know and business and pleasure. 

Favorite hobbies?

I like cooking, traveling, and reading books.

What does a perfect date look like to you?

Great company and good food, enjoying the conversation, and making me feel special.

What’s an unusual skill you have?

I never think about it, but I say it’s speaking back.

What is your favorite length of show?

I want people to understand that we can’t do many things at one time. I like to get my time and feel good, but I like it when I spend more time with someone and I would like to spend more and more time. I cannot say the number of minutes. 

What is the weirdest thing a customer has asked you to do?

I think the weirdest one was to walk around the house on my knees and bark.

Any shows planned for fall?

I want to do new things in my room, but I never feel encouraged to do so and I don’t want to feel nonsense. I still don’t trust myself, this is the biggest problem I always face!

What are your tips for anyone who wants to be as beautiful as you are?

Every woman is beautiful in her way.

What is the highest number of orgasms you’ve had in one session?

I would like to keep this a secret. 😉

What does sexy mean to you?

Being sexy to me means being in control, confident, and empowered.

How did you become so good at the art of seduction?

I have some ways that make me become good at the art of seduction, but the only one that I will tell you here is ‘showing skin does not mean sexy.’ And ‘make eye contact’- this I’m following for my life.

Anything else you want to mention?

I hope I will have much more trust in myself and customers to discover how I am!

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New Girl Naty De Luca Wants to Explore Her Most Erotic Fantasies in Live Sex Chat

Naty De Luca has only been on for about a month. This is a great platform for her to try out every naughty detail that’s been on her mind. What a great reason to join live sex, right?!

“Lately, I am having many erotic fantasies. It never happened to me. He had always had the feeling that it was hard for me to imagine and did not know too much about my tastes or preferences. Thanks to erotic reading I have discovered a new part of me and that is liking me.”

Want to know what you’ll expect with this beauty? Only the best sex of your life…

“Here you will find the elegance of a woman pensioned also for the ero-time that will take you to live a real and wonderful experience.”

Naty also enjoys plenty of activities that are more than sexual. Always great to have a girl who has more to her than a pretty face and nice tits.

“I like good food, I am passionate about meeting in the gym and skating, I also like Mexican food and Italian food. I love the beach and good music. I really enjoy reading personal improvement issues and that can contribute some knowledge to my life. I also enjoy a good movie and popcorn.”

There you have it, guys. Naty is the entire package deal. She can be your naughty seductress or your best friend…or, a mix of both. Whatever you want, she is there for you.

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Silver Dunes is About to Celebrate Two Years of Camming!

Two years as one of the top cam girls and Silver Dunes is finally getting the recognition she deserves! This girl is one of the top models on and we need to get her something special at the end of the month when she celebrates two years online.

Make sure to give this girl a nice anniversary present! She deserves every last bit!

“I like to be spoiled and be told I am pretty. the basic girl stuff (haha!) But seriously, I like a confident man that knows what he wants and tells me what to do. Turns me on to please you so tell me how!”

“I like to be the sub and told how to please you! I am turned on by being spoiled!!!”

A great present would be playing dom with this girl. Then leave her a nice tip!

Silver also enjoys nipple play, stockings, voyeurism, and playing with her vibrator. Oh, and a good dirty talk sesh! Let’s keep it hot in here, yes?!

At 39, Silver is just getting started as a cam girl. Her two-year anniversary is happening on Oct. 28th so we have time to get to know her and find out what she would like to do on her big day.

As long as this girl is being spoiled, then that’s what will make her happy. She loves smiling and being treated like the princess she is.

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Girls Scheduled Shows

Evelyn Evy Has a Birthday Coming Up, Let’s Celebrate With New Party Shows

Evelyn Evy‘s been camming for more than a year on and she’s all set for some party shows this month. She also has a birthday in November so we can get ready to give her something special!

Here are the dates and times to watch Evelyn in her party chat performances:

Friday, Oct. 8 at 1 p.m. EST

Saturday, Oct. 9 at 5 a.m. EST

Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 4 p.m. EST

Saturday, Nov. 6 at 11 a.m. EST

Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 12 p.m. EST

Thursday, Nov. 11 at 1 p.m. EST

Just remember that her birthday is on Nov. 9 so that’s the show we all need to join in for! Evelyn wants to make some unforgettable moments happen and everyone can celebrate the big day together!

“I enjoy creating a nice mood in my room. A place where we can talk, have fun, learn new things and just relax. I am a sensible person, I am shy but naughty when I get horny, I like to dance, I like sport and I love to stay on a beach to get tanned.”

This girl has a taste for feet, teasing, piercings, and handcuffs. She can do all of these performances on live sex chat- maybe all at the same time. She can up her game after a full year of camming!

“I love anything to do when I get horny, I love to cum every day 🙂 I really like to have sex in different positions and situations.”

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Girls Scheduled Shows

19-Year-Old Judy West Knows How to Move in Heels on

Have you seen Judy West? This girl has been camming for nearly a year now on She’s sweet, kind, cute, and is ready for some party shows on live sex!

In one show this week, Judy will be moving in her heels. She knows how to walk gracefully and she knows how to take them off…

In another show, Judy is giving her own share of eroticism. At only 19, this girl has made fans cum since she got started at the tender age of 18.

The shows are set for:

Saturday, Oct. 9 at 10 a.m. EST

Tuesday, Nov. 2 at 10 a.m. EST

Judy may be one of the youngest cam girls, but she’s definitely one of the freakiest! She has several turn-ons that make her moan when she’s about to get laid by the right stud.

“I like to be grabbed by the hair during sex, slapped on the ass, a little strangled. I like the feel of someone’s lips touching my ears, when a man’s fingers touch my lips or squeeze my thighs tightly, forcing me to obey.”

This girl likes orgasm control, stockings, tickling, handcuffs, and vibrators. As long as she’s pleasing the mind, that’s all that matters!

“The show with me is a magical time in its own way, filled with hot candid dancing, passionate and hot sex, and live orgasm. I also have a very good imagination, and I know how to please my partner.”

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Exclusive Interviews Girls

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Olivia Trae Talks Fantasies, the Perfect Date, and Hilarious Moments on Camster

“Seduce me! I love when you discover what I really want, then give it to me in a way that takes my breath away…”

Olivia Trae has been taking the breath away from thirsty fans who want to see her strip in live sex chat on This brunette beauty has been one of the top cam girls for several years now. She’s a lovely girl with amazing curves and confidence to embrace her fans’ energy on camera.

In an exclusive interview, Olivia talked about what turns her on, what fans notice about her, and her fantasies that can help new visitors get to know her better. She still has a lot to explore behind the camera and you can be there to please her.

Be sure to follow Olivia on Twitter @OliviaTraeF4F

Why did you decide to be a webcam model?

I started camming out of curiosity in a summer holiday. Then I realized the things I can accomplish and decided to focus on them.

What is something you would like to do on cam that you haven’t tried yet?

At this point, I think I have done them all and there’s nothing left to do when it comes to this.

What do customers usually notice about you first?

Fun fact- most of them usually notice my ass first and compliment it.

How would you compare yourself from the time you started as a cam model to where you are now?

I consider myself more experienced now and I can fulfill fantasies much easier than before.

What do you love most about being a cam model?

I love the fact that apart from the private shows, I managed to make friends and keep a nice bond with them- and honestly, at this point, some come to visit me just to talk, which is an accomplishment.

Any shows planned for fall?

I didn’t think about anything yet, but if any idea appears all of a sudden, I surely will.

What are you going to dress as for Halloween?

I am not going to give an answer to this question, since it’s a surprise!

If I weren’t camming, I would be a ________

I’ve always wanted to be a landscape architect.

Where do you hope to be five years from now?

Hopefully as far as possible, talking about achievements and dreams.

What is the best way to make you laugh?

Well, I actually start laughing even without a certain reason. It’s super easy to make me laugh.

What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?

I’m crazy to have sex on the top of a mountain haha.

What is the highest number of orgasms you’ve had in one session?

Hmm, I guess it happened twice.

Favorite fetishes?

Suits, bondage, latex.

Favorite sex position?

Doggy style.

What does a perfect date look like to you?

I think restaurant dates are boring so I’d rather go to a museum or an astronomical observatory.

What tips would you suggest for someone else who wants to be a cam superstar?

Be yourself. Don’t try to copy anyone else’s style because if you do, you will look fake, so try to find your own one and perfect it in time.

Halloween character you would bang?

Well, I don’t wanna bang any monster, but if anyone dresses like Ken from Barbie, why not haha.

A trait about you that you wish customers noticed more?

I am actually friendlier than some people think, even though my facial expression is trying to turn me into a mistress.

How did you lose your virginity?

By having sex, lol.

Tips for how to enjoy a toy better?

First thing’s first, you need a realistic toy and if it’s a vibrator, don’t settle to just one intensity or so- alternate them.

What’s a hilarious hook-up story you’ve had?

Someone once joined my room and he suddenly said: ‘Well, I am here. What are your other two wishes?’ I laughed for 5 minutes straight.

How long have you been camming?

Around 4 years.

When was the first time you felt successful?

The first time when I felt successful was when people already started to visit my room even without paying, but they were there for me supporting and this is really satisfying.

Was it intimidating the first time you were on webcam?

No, I did it out of curiosity and I wasn’t nervous at all.

What do you wish someone would ask you in chat, but nobody does?

‘How would you like to cum today, baby?’ haha

Best way for a customer to break the ice with you?

Introducing himself and having some foreplay before going further into the real action.

What is your favorite length of show?

It’s not about the length, it’s about the quality. I guess even a 15-minute show can be great in the right company during the right things.

Outfit that gets the most responses when you wear it on cam?

Usually, bodysuits and g-strings turn my members on the most.

What have you discovered about yourself since becoming a cam superstar?

I found out that I am way more patient than I thought and I have a super drive of sexuality.

Can you recall the sexiest moment you’ve had while camming?

I’ve had plenty of them all these years, but the sexiest one was making love with one of my lovers while I was streaming from my tub.

What is the first thing that goes through your mind when you’re about to start camming?

I never have high expectations before the shifts, but I always hope I will get visited by the people I love the most on the site.

What were you like before camming?

My personality was the same, but I was less organized and patient at that time.

Biggest turnoff a customer can do?

Being demanding in a rude way is a big turn-off for me.

Favorite fall activity?

I like to jump in a big pile of leaves hahaha.

Favorite Halloween movie?

Friday the 13th.

What are you proudest of?

I am proud of who I am nowadays- an independent woman and I can handle whatever comes in my life.

How many languages do you speak? Which ones?

I speak Romanian, English and a little bit of Spanish. And I also speak sarcasm hahaha.

What are your goals for the rest of 2021?

I want to travel as much as possible during this winter.

Physical feature you find the most attractive in another person?

I guess the most beautiful feature a person can have is a smile.

Say one sentence a customer must say to seduce you.

I am quite hard to be seduced, to be honest, so it has to be something really good because I’m more into facts than words.

What is something you wish you were better at?

There’s always room for being better at anything, but I guess I still have to work on my patience sometimes.

What are your tips for anyone who wants to be as beautiful as you are?

Every single person is beautiful in his/her way.

Craziest place you have had sex?

In the living room of my house while my whole family was home. Luckily, they did not catch us…

Have you ever gone nude on the beach?

Of course, for like a million times.

What is your sexiest feature?

My lips, my ass, my boobies.

Top or bottom?

Mostly top, but I can switch sometimes.

Best blowjob tips?

Use your hand and your tongue at the same time.

Tips for a stronger orgasm?

Pretty much teasing before letting it go.

Best way to give you an orgasm?

It depends on my mood, but I let myself be surprised.

Dick size preference?

Between 16 and 18 cm.

Give oral or receive oral?

I’m more into receiving than giving.

How did you become so good at the art of seduction?

Just let yourself sink in the mood and that’s it. It’s something that you feel, not learn.

Spanking or hair pulling?

I like both equally.

What fictional character or celebrity sparked your sexual awakening?

Edward Cullen from Twilight.

How many countries have you visited?

Bulgary, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Spain.

Where do you want to go most on your next vacation?


Best country to visit?


Cardio or weights?

Cardio, and btw- sex burns a lot of calories.

Favorite spot for your guy to cum?

On my chest.

Favorite toy?


Favorite spot to be kissed?

On the back of my neck.

Favorite kind of underwear?


Favorite ice cream flavor?

Coconut and lemon

Favorite movie?


Favorite hobbies?

Reading and walking

Favorite Disney Character?


Favorite alcoholic drink?

Mai Tai

Favorite superhero?

Iron Man

Favorite quote?

‘Be beautiful, be strong, be fucking perfect’.

Favorite swear word?

Fuck it

Favorite body part to work out?

Butt cheeks.

What is your dream car?

I would like to own a racehorse.

Would you rather stay home and watch Netflix or go out to a club?

Netflix and chill

Best way to show affection?

Cuddles and care

What is your spirit animal?


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?


What TV show are you binging right now?

Chef Stable

What is a surprising fact about you?

The fact that when you get to know me better you’ll find out I m a totally different person than you thought.

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Girls Scheduled Shows

Enjoy October With Spanish Cam Girl Samanthaa Fox

Samanthaa Fox is performing in several cam shows this October. She’s been one of the most popular cam girls for more than a year because her shows are so freaking erotic.

“I am a very open-minded woman and I will always be curious to learn more or let you help me discover myself or find new fantasies. If you want to increase sexual tension, take me to a place where I am not distracted by others. . I’m worth it, I promise you! :)”

Here are the dates and times to watch Samanthaa on

Sunday, Oct. 10 at 1 p.m. EST

Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 1 p.m. EST

Monday, Oct. 25 at 2 p.m. EST

Friday, Oct. 29 at 11 a.m. EST

What can we expect? Well, that’s up to you. This girl is here to please and she wants to hear what’s on your mind.

“We are all different and each program is unique. I want to know what brings you here, what turns you on, what you hope to see on my show, so don’t hesitate to tell me. Communication is very important to me and it is the only way I can find out more about you and learn to meet your expectations.”

Some of Samanthaa’s biggest fetishes are domination, latex, sugar daddy, and glass dildoes. At 27, she’s ready to bring hard action to her chatroom and make fans moan for more.

Another thing to note…Samanthaa is a squirter. And she’s great at it.

Get your private show with Samanthaa on!


Eva Sin Continues to Surpass Herself in Every Camster Show

Eva Sin is a queen. She’s number one on and she’s been number one for several years now. A lot of cam girls have come far, but no one has passed up Eva. In fact, Eva continues to rise above Eva! She literally rises higher and higher every week. There’s just no stopping this girl!

Her fans have said it all just within the past month:

“Perfection is an unachievable goal because Eva keeps raising the bar and surpassing it each time. She is smart, funny, considerate, down-to-earth, and drop-dead gorgeous. Thank you Eva for everything you do.”

“Eva is my favorite Model here. She is so feminine, classy, attentive.. sexy…”

“Absolutely stunning.”

Five years camming and we are ready for more Eva. She still has a lot of fantasies on her mind.

“There are a lot of fantasies that come into my mind right now so it is hard to pick only one. However, I am a very open-minded woman and I will always be curious to learn more or to let you help me discover myself or find new fantasies that I might like. If you want to seriously ramp up the sexual tension take me to a place where I won’t be distracted by others. Lead the situation by taking me somewhere quiet and continue to build rapport further. I am worth it, I promise!”

The more time she’s online, the more mesmerizing her shows are. She’s an icon and will always remain one.

Get your private show with Eva on!


Roleplay This Halloween With Sophia Moore on

Sophia Moore remains as one of the top cam girls online after eight whole years. The best is yet to come with this girl as we get ready for Halloween! This girl has a lot of fun costumes she loves to wear and she looks hot in every one of them.

She also has lots of toys she can play with. Wouldn’t it be hot as fuck to see this girl bang herself when she’s a cowgirl or a witch?

“I’m up for pretty much anything. Have lots of toys, anal toys, tip-activated vibrators, fetish toys, costumes, outfits, lingerie, etc…we can role play, get all kinky and fetish-y, I can be submissive or dominant. Sugar daddies and C2C shows are my favorite. Spoil me!”

At 37-year-old, Sophia is one of the most requested models on She’s lovely, kind, and has years of experience. She has such a vivid imagination and she needs someone to explore some wild fetishes with. Maybe she can be your scarecrow who needs to be stuffed good…or, she can be your space alien who’s down for some moon sex.

The more time she spends online, the bigger her fantasies are.

Check out her latest reviews:

“Private time with this woman will leave you weak in the knees and gasping for air and saying ‘What just happened?’ for her screaming orgasms are like nothing you have ever experienced.”

“Too much fun, spend time with her and you will understand!”

“Sex with this woman is beyond amazing and is like experiencing an erupting volcano for she carries you to an alternate reality where sense cannot be trusted and perceptions are taken to new heights.”

Get your private show with Sophia on!


Emily Sheen’s Birthday is Coming Up, Let’s Make it a Special Day!

Emily Sheen is about to celebrate the big 27! Her birthday is on October 4th and we can guarantee that she wants something nice.

Obviously, a good haul of tips would be a start! But, ultimately, she likes it when someone can treat her like the lovely woman she is.

“I love people who have the sense of humor, men who know how to treat a lady and make her feel appreciated.”

This girl has a thing for discipline, feet, sugar daddies, and strap-ons.

She also chatted with us in an exclusive interview! She talked about how she’s changed since becoming one of the top cam girls on

“There is a big difference between when I started and now. I feel much freer and I can express myself much easier and I’m less shy now!”

If you’re able to give her a present that consists of tips, maybe she’ll cum a harder load.

“Bigger tips make me cum so strong like a fountain. I can remember the orgasms I had for 10k credits, wow just amazing! Who knows, maybe we will have a new record of orgasms soon!”

Check out her latest reviews:

“She is so warm and personable besides being freakin’ adorable. I would tip her just to see the back of her head if she would let me haha.”

“Beautiful, Smart, and kind! I am so happy I bumped in her room.”

“Emily is wonderful kind, passionate, graceful, and beautiful. These are qualities that come from inside. She is great to talk to and is a gentle soul.”

Let’s make Emily’s birthday amazing!

Get your private show with Emily on!