Happy Birthday, Olivia Ferreira! Cut the Cake With This Gorgeous Camster Babe

Olivia Ferreira has been one of the top cam girls for nearly two years now. She celebrated her 24th birthday on April 8th and you can blow out the candles with her!

This beautiful babe has made fans uber happy ever since she got started on and they love seeing her do all kinds of dirty things in live sex.

“You’re so incredibly sexy and so ravaging with beautiful eyes, a dazzling smile, beautiful lips, and a sexy, irresistibly perfect body which gets more sexier and more irresistible every time I see you. You are perfectly amazing.”

“If you’re looking for anything from a good chat to a mesmerizing siren to steal your heart and take ahold of your deepest desires this beautiful woman is the top of any list sweet sexy the whole package.”

“Olivia is very sweet, gorgeous, curvy, college age, fun loving person, and responsive. She has amazing large natural twins. She is very intelligent speaking three languages. She is very sexy and always thankful and responses with sexual dances.”

How can you make her happy for her birthday? Share your thoughts with her on what you would like to see. She’ll make sure to keep everyone satisfied.

“The show is for you, so can you please tell me your desires, your fantasies, your deepest secrets? I would love to do it for you if we can. Talk about your day, your routine, your hobbies, and whatever you want, I want to have a long and happy interaction.”

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Share Your Naughty Fantasies With 19-Year-Old Alice Kirby on Camster

Alice Kirby is only 19 and has become one of the kinkiest cam girls online. She’s only been camming for a few months on and has made her way towards the top of the site. Just look at this girl and you’ll see why.

This girl is down to explore your wildest fantasies for some live fun in sex chat. She wants to find out what’s on your mind so you can have an amazing experience together.

“Everyone has sexual fantasies and I am open-minded enough to understand each one. The more we talk sexual fantasy and normalize the conversation, the less we’ll beat ourselves up for having twisty, sexual, steamy thoughts. Let’s bring our fantasies together!”

So far, Alice enjoys jerk-off-instruction, teasing, feet, voyeurism, and lots more. But she’s young and still has a lot to discover. So this is a great opportunity to explore together!

“I like to see you happy! I am a simple woman. a sexual one but bringing a smile on your face will always make me want to know more about you. Cum with me, laugh with me and you’ll be amazed how many things we can explore together!”

Let’s get the show started with one of the most beautiful babes online who just wants to get freaky on camera! The dirtier your mind gets, the sloppier her hole will be for you. It’s all about being brave enough to tell her what your cock wants.

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Blow Your Load With New Colombian Babes Nicole and Emmanuel on

You know what’s better than live sex with a cam girl? Live sex with TWO cam girls! Nicole and Emmanuel started camming on just shy of one month and they’re putting on the most erotic shows online.

As much fun as these babes have with each other, they’re looking for a man who knows what to do with them. They want to “have a boy with us, who pampers us, touches us, kisses us, penetrates us while we both kiss and kiss him.”

When you’re online with these two hotties, all bets are off. Whip out your cock while watching these chicks make out, touch each other’s tits, lick their holes, and so much more. Just being alone with these two is enough for a cum-heavy show.

“Just let yourself be seduced by our gaze, our smile, our gestures, the sensuality of our body, the charm of our lips, and the desire to fuck you,” the girls said. “Make sure you have enough desire and time so that you can give yourself the opportunity to meet us and masturbate with you.”

Nicole and Emmanuel are also up for other fetishes like feet, roleplay, sugar daddy fun, double penetration, and small dick humiliation. Or, is there something on your mind that you’ve always wanted to try with two hot chicks? Let these girls know and they’ll be sure to take care of that thought with some amazing cam chat!

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Girls Scheduled Shows

Anissa Miller is About to Explode if You Can Touch Her in All the Right Places

One of the new cam girls is about to put on some of the hottest live shows on Anissa Miller started camming only five months ago and she’s all set to flash that pretty pussy of hers in live sex for all audience members to see.

This Colombian babe has a number of scheduled shows coming up for the rest of spring. If you miss one show, there’s another one around the corner!

Here is the full schedule:

Saturday, Apr. 10 at 7 p.m. EST

Tuesday, Apr. 13 at 9 p.m. EST

Sunday, Apr. 18 at 5 p.m. EST

Wednesday, Apr. 21 at 8 p.m. EST

Saturday, Apr. 24 at 7 p.m. EST

Wednesday, Apr. 28 at 10 p.m. EST

Saturday, May 1 at 6 p.m. EST

Tuesday, May 4 at 10 p.m. EST

Tuesday, May 11 at 10 p.m. EST

Thursday, May 13 at 10 p.m. EST

Thursday, May 27 at 9 p.m. EST

Saturday, May 29 at 9 p.m. EST

With only a few months of camming, there are lots of fetishes and shows that Anissa has yet to try. She has lots of naughty things on her mind and she’s been wanting to fulfill them with someone special.

“There are some fantasies I haven’t lived yet. One of those is finding this guy with who I can bond completely,” she said.

“He just gives me this aura of confidence that lets me trust fully in him and allows me to experiment with all kinds of new stuff. One of my biggest fantasies is finding a guy who can be two different guys and not lose his mind, This man can be a loving, romantic person who treats me like his princess, gives me all the love I deserve, and spoils me with presents when I’m a good girl. The other side is this big, tough guy who takes me with both arms and grips me showing his strength. This bad guy loves making me wet and can punish me when I’m a bad girl. I’d love to practice BDSM with him.”

Think you can make this happen? Stop by her room and teach her what it’s all about.

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Hillary Russo Wants to Feel Your Hands Wrapped Around Her Ass, Cum Make Her Happy

Hillary Russo has the ass of dreams…the kind that we all would love to grab, smack, taste…and she wants you to feel it in your hands.

This girl has been camming for nine years on and she’s made fans happy with her ass play videos. She’s still looking for a special someone who can make that booty satisfied. It just takes someone who’s ballsy enough to tell her how he wants it done.

Be sure to grab for other areas as well…

“He knows under my garments I have a round curvaceous ass I never appreciated enough before it was in his hands. I shudder when I feel the light weight of my breast lifted, cupped in a hand, and my nipple given a sweet stinging pinch. Moving my hair from my ear, neck and shoulder leaves a chilled exposed feeling. I feel more than just naked…vulnerable. My voice will falter as I try to find the words but only moan. I am yours to enjoy.”

She loves to hear what turns you on. When you’re with cam girls, what makes you hard? Being in control? Letting her take over? Hillary can do it all.

“As your DOM I expect you to know what form of discipline or exercise you want – if you don’t know what physical and mental limits you have and what your challenges will be – neither can I. As your SUB I will give all effort.”

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Angelica Palacios Can Take You to a ‘Sea of Sensations’ in Amazing Cam Sessions

Angelica Palacios has a poetic side to her. After five years of camming, it’s only natural that she would get all whimsical in her live sex shows on

She’s the type of girl who likes to break the ice “slowly” in her private performances. Then once everyone is feeling magical, that’s when the fun begins.

“More than a fantasy is a desire, that leads me to have real pleasure, and it is. That you take me, that you have possession over me, that you can create in my sensations of pleasure, that you enjoy my skin, my lips and think about the delicious smell of my hair and skin,” she said.

Make sure you only say kind things to this girl. She only makes her time for the good guys.

“I like it when you give me pleasure without asking that. I am a woman who can take you by a sea of sensations, come with the right attitude and you will enjoy my sweetest side, but if you choose to come to attack me, complain about life or about me, nothing good will come of it,” she said.

When cam girls say they want nice guys, they mean it. And as long as you’re feeling ready to move into a virtual world of wonder and love, then Angelica can be your girl. After all, times have been crazy lately. Let’s take a break from the harsh realities we’ve faced and enjoy some live cam sex with hot chicks!

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Tola is Our Favorite Cam Girl Over 30 on

Tola is 36 and has been camming for more than 10 years on After all this time, she’s made some of the naughtiest videos on the web and has made hundreds of new friends who want to see more of her.

Just goes to show how our thirties can be the prime of our existence!

Tola had a great start in 2009 and now she’s one of the top cam girls online. This Polish beauty had so much to offer and everyone loves her for it.

The best way to interact with this girl is with a face-to-face connection. So be sure to get your camera going because the experience will be all that more exciting.

“For the 11 years I’ve known this amazing lady it’s been an absolute pleasure but the cam 2 cam experience takes her to another level,” one fan wrote.

Another said, “I never tire of entering Tola’s room. Always a pleasure to see that she is online. The best private show is guaranteed.”

“Best there is. like the girl next door. Classy, beautiful and funny.”

What is it that keeps cam girls online after so much time? There are plenty of reasons, including chatting with fans around the world, the feel of desire, and bringing happiness to each other. Does it get any better than that?

Well, there’s always the dildo play and titty flashing. Plus, some dirty talk…Tola has been doing it for the past decade so you’ll find a girl who knows what she’s doing.

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Get a Load of Paige Angel With Some Dirty Private Shows on Camster!

Paige Angel got her start in camming in 2012…well, sort of. She signed up back then, but officially started in 2019. Better late than never, right?

Especially with this girl who’s now one of the top cam girls on the net. It was meant to be that she would cum back for more.

In the past year-and-a-half, Paige has made new fans who love watching her get naughty with some live sex on At 28-years-old, this Romanian beauty loves naughty roleplay and pulling out some fun products- including the collar and leash…but who says that needs to be for her?

Sometimes, Paige can be the one in charge for the right man who’s willing to get on his knees and worship her like the true woman she is.

Here’s what fans have said about Paige’s shows:

“She very interesting to talk too. She would even do your fantasy as you wish.”

“It is hard (No Pun intended…well maybe not) to know where to start with Paige. She is Hot and Sexy but has a keen intelligence to match. It was a pleasure to pop her toy treating her to what she desires as much as to talking to her. ‘A lady in the streets but a freak in the bed’…she is the whole package. Other than that…sum it up in one word DAMN!!”

“By far the best on here she is very good at what she does.”

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This is How You Melt Maria Harris’s Heart in Live Sex Chat on Camster…

Maria Harris is a hopeless romantic. She’s been camming for three years and the way to keep her motivated is by making her heart melt. She loves a man who can lift her heart with sweet treats and blooms!

“I am a big fan of chocolate- bring me any kind and I will feel like in heaven. Besides chocolate, my heart melts whenever I receive some nice flower- roses are the cutest of all- so I guess that I am very romantic,” Maria said.

She also loves spending time outdoors so make sure to bring in the skates.

“Active lifestyle is something I cannot imagine my life without- most of my free time I roll on my roller skates, but also never leave my brain bored and try to work on myself, so I read lots of books and also write stories and articles,” she said. “The evening I prefer to spend watching some romantic movies. And of course, before the movie starts, I always cook something healthy and yummy.”

She definitely enjoys a productive night inside. And believe it or not, every last one of these activities can happen through virtual screening. Just gotta use your imagination! Watching movies together and rolling on those skates can be one of the most enjoyable ways to share a night with one of the most beautiful cam girls on!

Just stop by her chatroom and say Hi!

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Girls Scheduled Shows

Nathaly Fox Will Wrap You in ‘Fire and Passion’ This May in Sizzling Performances

Nathaly Fox has become a fan-favorite on ever since she got started more than a year ago. This Venezuelan beauty has done so well as one of the top cam girls that she’s having her own cam shows that multiple audience members can watch together.

It’s one thing to have a private show with a model, but it’s another when everyone can join in like we’re at a movie theater and there’s nothing there except a gorgeous chick who’s cumming on the screen.

If you want to see Nathaly get sexy in live cam chat, then stop by for one (or more) of her scheduled shows this May. She plans to get erotic with “fire and passion.”

Here are the full times and dates:

Monday, May 10 at 5 p.m. EST

Sunday, May 16 at 12 p.m. EST

Thursday, May 27 at 4 p.m. EST

Sunday, May 30 at 6 p.m. EST

There’s something special about this girl that gets her fans lost in a world filled with beauty and wonder. After all, it’s really the energy of the model that makes the show worthy of our time.

“She is a very sweet and sensual woman, who seduces not only with an incredible body and all its attributes as well as with her beautiful and noble personality,” a fan said about Nathaly. “Since you can see in her face illuminated by her smile as beautiful as those that such a look deep eyes full of feelings and emotions that provide greetings so warm and like the sunset on a spring afternoon, visit her, share with her is very gratifying.”

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