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Maye Daye Gives Booty Worship in Amazing New Video, See it Here!

Maye Daye has been one of the top cam girls for nearly two years and she’s just as hot as her first time starting with us on We’re so glad to see how far she can cum and when she gives ass worship videos…just like this one.

In one of her most recent videos, Maye gives full close-ups on that beautiful ass of hers. She wears tight blue pants that show off her posterior. She even does some squats to get it nice and plump for you.

But she needs more. So Maye takes her pants down to show off that blue thong of hers. This girl has such an incredible booty that needs all the love in the world.

It gets even hotter when Maye pulls her undies down to show the full shot of her ass…and that other pretty hole. Her pussy looks so tasty when she bends over.

See the full video right here!

Want to see more of this amazing ass? Just stop by her chatroom and tell her what an ass man you are. This girl loves showing hers off. She’s a teaser and a pleaser.

“I am turned on by the art of tease and that is why I love camming so much. In my room, you will find a high-energy vibe and an outgoing sweet loving gal.”

This girl also enjoys feet, small penis humiliation, glass dildoes, and vibrators…to name a few.

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Congrats to the Cam Girl Flirt Summit Winners of July!

It was one hell of a month for Flirt Summit! Cam girls received lots of recognition for the work they’ve been doing this past year and now they can celebrate…with more summer fun online!

The winners for July are:

1 Flirt Babes

2 Shantal Soler

3 Maye Daye

4 Olive Ray

5 Miilla Rousse

6 Less

7 Devious Angell

8 Adryenn

9 Carlee

10 Silvia Eyrie

There was also a random draw for some winners, including Alina Volkov, Ashley Ramirez, and Eliza Grace. There will be lots more fun to look forward to as the summer continues. We love finding out which models are going on retreats every year…just shows how much we love them and want to see them shine in paradise! Or, in other words…Cancun!

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Girls Scheduled Shows

Maye Daye Will Be Online This 4th of July, What Fireworks is She Lighting?

One of the sexiest American cam girls is about to light up the sky this 4th of July!

Maye Daye will be in two party chat shows this week for Independence Day where she’ll be making special fireworks…plus more.

Maye’s 4th of July schedule will be:

Thursday, Jul. 1 at 1 a.m. EST

Sunday, Jul. 4 at 11 p.m. EST

So what exactly will Maye be up to this weekend? Well, she’s always been known for keeping her outfits and her room themed for holidays. So we can probably count on some red, white, and blue. Whether it’ll be on her walls or on her tits is left in the air!

Guess what? You also might get a chance to be featured in Maye’s profile! The Top 10 firework tippers will have their names on her board.

Think you can be in the lucky 10? This gorgeous babe would love to get you on there. As long as you can build the tension with this girl on, then count on something amazing in return. She loves building up all the anticipation to make that final explosion the most exhilarating one has ever had.

“I am turned on by the art of tease and that is why I love camming so much. In my room, you will find a high-energy vibe and an outgoing sweet loving gal.”

You think Uncle Sam wants you? Not as badly as this gorgeous babe!

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Exclusive Interviews Girls

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cam Girls Share Naughty Secrets in EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It’s the most romantic time of the year and your favorite cam girls are spilling their most intimate secrets…

In an exclusive video from, six models dish on all the juicy details they have planned for Valentine’s Day. They also revealed their naughtiest Valentine stories, how fans can win their hearts, and what they prefer between candy and “toys”…

The featured girls include Maye Daye, Chloe Rydr, Eliza Grace, Serena Olsen, Shawmbria N, and Devious Angell. Mmm….

Some of these details are almost too good to be true! Eliza revealed a time she tried sex on the beach…no, not the cocktail…Angell revealed who her special Valentine is this year and it’s not who you think it is. And Chloe Rydr gave explicit details on when she had a threesome. She also gave us a nice view of what she’s packing underneath that tiny tank top of hers!

The girls also have special plans for their V-Day shows! Starting on February 9th, they will begin something amazing that will leave fans cumming in for more…and it gets “sweeter and sweeter.”

There is also room for some special requests for Valentine’s Day. As long as these ladies have kind fans entering their chatrooms, then they will leave them happy and satisfied. After all, isn’t that what the most romantic day of the year is all about?

Check out the exclusive Valentine’s Day video below and be sure to get your private show with these girls on!


Find Yourself a Girl Who Can Laugh Like Maye Daye in Live Sex Chat

Maye Daye is a ray of sunshine on She’s always in a good mood, can share a joke, loves to laugh, and brings in the positive vibes everywhere. As much as we love hardcore fucking, there’s something amazing when there’s a girl who has the most beautiful smile…

Maye’s been camming for more than a year and fans love to giggle with her. She has great stories to tell and is so creative in her private shows. This can be something super sexual or simple. Either way, Maye is all about spreading the cam girls‘ love!

She’s also a huge fan of foot fetish, humiliation, teasing, and face sitting. She can bring in the ball gag, nipple clamps, vibrator, and whatever else your cock desires.

“In private shows, I love to use this opportunity to get to know each other on a more intimate level. I love to please,” Maye said. “I am submissive by nature but don’t be misled.”

As a professional cam girl, Maye can play so many roles whether it’s dom or sub, or some random character. She has such a vivid imagination and loves taking on the role of cowgirl, housewife, trainee, or something totally new. If there’s a particular fantasy that her fans have yet to explore, Maye can always go for it. The options are limitless with this beauty.

Keep spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with Maye Daye. This girl is a lover and a keeper.

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Exclusive Interviews Girls

EXCLUSIVE: Cam Girls Answer Sexy Halloween Questions in Camster Video Interview

Cam girls are ready to play this Halloween in live sex chat! In an exclusive video, three naughty cam girls dish on their Halloween plans and more sexy trivia!

We interviewed Maye Daye, Cassidy Blackwood, and Skye Rhodes who gave enticing information on their upcoming shows at the end of the month. Fans can expect some hot and heavy performances filled with slutty costumes, butt painting, and fetishes that will make you cum so good…

The girls also dished on other fun Halloween details, like favorite Halloween movies, horror characters they want to fuck, and naughty Halloween memories!

Check out the video below and be sure to catch these girls in live Halloween shows!

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19 Cam Girls Who Are Nailing August 2020 on

These girls really know how to ‘nail’ on

If camming has always been a dream that you’ve been too anxious to try, these cam girls have all the ins and outs (literally) on how to be a success. Or, if you just want to see these girls get naked in a live sex show, then these are the ones who do it best.

Find your favorite cam girl and let us know which one is your favorite!

Maggy Luna

“Whips and chains might get me hot. I am still exploring the limits between pain and pleasure.”

India Ivy

“I would like to learn and try new fetishes with you. Surprise me.”

Eva Sin

“I am into whatever kind of fetish or fantasy that will please us both mentally or physically. I am willing to explore my secret wild side. Are you?”


“I like a lot of experiments and fetishes. If you have specific preferences and ideas, I’ll be glad to be your company to translate into reality.”

Maye Daye

“I love C2C and watching testicles bounce.”

Amy Blair

“I`m new to this and I`m still learning and experimenting.”

Kristin Rose

“I wanna make you happy always.”

Mia Smiths

“Teasing you till you can’t go no more!”

Madison Locke

“I can be very kinky or very romantic, depends on my mood. But I am open to try new things :)”

Mia Wood

“Mia is just the most amazing person that you would ever want to meet. She is beautiful, she is smart, she is funny, and she is oh so sweet.”

Sophia Moore

“I’m up for almost anything! Let’s have fun exploring together!”

Angelica Swiss

“I enjoy traveling, adventure, fine dining, being in the company of kind people with a generous spirit. I am endlessly curious and non-judgmental. I love meeting interesting people and hearing about your unique kinks and experiences.”

Alma Bell

“I love cam2cam. It gives me a lot of pleasure to see the other person to the eyes while he fucks me; besides seeing his chest while we talk hot, I also like to see his collarbone without taking off his shirt.”

Mia Klein

“Discipline, feet, legs, sugar daddy.”

Sophia Sanchez

“Sophia is a very HOT and wonderful performer. Her style and personality will ROCK your world.”

Skye Rhodes

“I absolutely love being kinky.”

Audrey Piper

“Every person is different, so every show is too. Come and talk with me in open chat to see if we are a good fit.”

Carolyn Monroe

“I am a really kinky girl, so I enjoy my sexuality and my body a lot, so I am a fan of trying new things, I love voyeurism. and the sense of being seen while I enjoy my body and have sexual intercourses, being spied makes me so wet and I feel so desired that I love it, makes me so wet and it helps me cum faster and better.”

Hollywood Alicee

“My fetish is anal and sucking balls!!!”


Maye Daye Explains How She Got Into Camming, ‘I Was so Fascinated’

Maye Daye is one of the most successful cam girls on! With her gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes, and naughty energy, she’s been making a wide name for herself in the world of live sex.

In one of Maye’s latest posts on, she revealed what sparked her interest in becoming a cam girl. Initially, she wanted a work-from-home job with flexible hours.

“That is when I came across an ad for Web Cam Modeling,” she wrote. “The ad was very intriguing and seemed promising. The ad stated that all I need to get started was a computer, webcam, and reliable internet. It glamorized everything I was looking for in a job (be your own boss/set your own hours/etc). So I decided to sign up.”

Thankfully, the rest became history. After signing up, she was approved and working her way to the top.

I had no idea what virtual dimension I had just landed in, but I was so fascinated by every aspect of camming. From chatting endless hours to people from all around the world to slowly opening up to the virtual art of tease.

“Before I knew it, I had officially been a cam model for a little over a month. I was enjoying cam so much, I decided to leave my vanilla job to pursue camming FULL-TIME.”

Some of Maye’s cam fetishes include submission, spanking, titty play, sexy lingerie, and plenty more.

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Maye Date Reveals Her Wildest Obsession on Sex Cam Chat

Maye Daye has proven herself to be one of the most glowing cam girls on With her blonde hair, beautiful tits, sparkling eyes, and doll-like features, she’s like a walking dream. It’s unbelievable that young women like her exist in real life and not just in our fantasies.

There’s something else about Maye that fans ‘may’ (no pun intended) not be aware of. She has a particular obsession that gets her wet and ready for her live video sex chat.

“I love C2C and watching testicles bounce,” she says in her profile.

If you can make those balls bounce, then guys, Maye will be yours. Show her how much you can make your balls move and that will get her enticed for your next sex chat cam show with her.

Maye is also about making a solid connection with someone. So, make sure you join her for serious intimacy.

She says, “In private show, I love to use this opportunity to get to know each other on a more intimate level. I love to please. I am submissive by nature but don’t be mislead.”

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