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Want to know what it’s like to go private with one of the Camster girls? Free chat can be fun, and can have plenty of moments you can store in your spank bank, but it’s behind the veil of a private show that sensual exploration can really go deep. Here are some standout Camster girls showing you exactly what you’re getting into when you decide to take her one-on-one. Don’t forget to turn on Cam2Cam!

Afternoon Delight Playtime

Ravishing blonde Camster girl Ambrianna is on a solo sexcapade. She’s locked herself away in her best friend’s bedroom with a thick, rubber traveling companion. Her bright pink panties are stripped away as she runs her fingers all over her lewd, ripe body. She throws her supple legs wide, plunging the dildo into her desperate, dripping sex, prodding every trigger within her reach. Back arched, Ambrianna moans and trembles, on the brink of a massive release. Will she achieve her ultimate goal, or is she destined for some coitus interruptus? Watch Afternoon Delight Playtime to find out.

One of her Favorite Hard Cocks

Sweet, petite Little Lillyy uses this vehicle features one of her favorite sex toys in this Camster private show, but its not the one you think. She’s a natural, naughty girl who loves live cam2cam sex. This kinky American girl keeps her guest on edge for more than 10 minutes, her eager, beautiful eyes drink in the size of her viewer, filled with hungry desire. She breaks out her hitachi, and it hums against her perfect pussy, making her lovely toes curl. This camgirl’s got it all. The brains, the looks, and a silver tongue ready to seduce you into doing some awfully beautiful things. Check out Little Lillyy as she dirty talks her way to a big finish.

Quirky, Cute, Seductive

Hailey Throne is an energetic blonde college girl who emits intense sexuality in every private live cam performance. Her performance in this camgirl clip is intense, but also light-hearted and fun. It’s hard not to chuckle when the video opens. Hailey was clearly in the midst of entertaining a large group of gentleman callers with a submissive spanking before she was suddenly taken private. But she overcomes her surprise and slows down for a highly sensual one-on-one cam show. She treats her fan to a simple, and yet highly magnetic, vibe show, giving a tour of a body that’s sure to inspire sinful ideas in all of us. Watch Hailey Throne in Quirky, Cute, Seductive. Feast your eyes on her luscious, perky tits, and you’ll have a hard time restraining yourself when it comes time to click that “Start Show” button the next time she’s live on Camster.

Private Backdoor Action

Little Lacie is a hentai waifu come to life! This adorable Asian cutie loves her some sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and getting freaky. If you’re a love-starved nerd, a private Camster show with Lacie will be a wet dream chocked fill of roleplay, cosplay, and fetish play! In this video, she’s the not-so-innocent girl next door in sexy strappy lingerie. She is your dungeon master, ready to please all in a passionate blowjob. She ravages every pixel of her thick dildo with glistening spit. Next she shows off her flexibility. Her lithe legs go all the way back! But the most explosive moment is when our living anime girl sheaths her sword deep in her own tight back door. Watch Little Lacie in Backdoor Private Action and you will know why you need to get in on the live Little Lacie girlfriend experience the moment she’s on Camster live.

I Want to Ride Your Hard Cock

Olive Ray smolders in this 5-minute upload. As always, the sweet southern girl has a perky body that is a wonderful to behold, and it seems like every time you visit her in Camster chat that body is on full display. In this clip, Olive tells you what she wants, the delightful filth slipping from her pretty pink tongue. When she says “I want to ride your hard cock,” it is like music. But this dynamic southern camgirl knows it’s just as much about the ride as it is about the journey. Her tender lips wrap around thick toy, swallowing it whole, making every inch wet. When she mounts up, shudders of ecstasy thunder through her, but Olive makes it clear that the big finish she’s most concerned with is yours. Watch Olive Ray in “I want to Ride Your Hard Cock,” and you’ll know what you’ll get when you enter her titillating party chats on Camster!


Break the Ice – Get More Love From Your Camgirl

Here’s the situation: You just found a new camgirl and you’re completely smitten. The problem is, whenever you jump into her room, there’s already a conversation in progress, and it’s clear lots of other guys are vying for her attention. You don’t want to be some anonymous pervert admiring her from afar. You want to be a beloved pervert who makes her eyes light up the moment you enter the room. How do you go from a random string of letters and numbers to sex cam hero? The Camster girls are here to help you break the ice:

#6 – Tips

Now, let’s be honest. The most direct way to make you rise to prominence in any camgirl’s world would be tipping, or taking her into a paid private show. The girls of Camster know what you’re here for, so in turn it’s okay to acknowledge their motivation. Don’t beat around the bush. Come with credits, and use them to get the interactive sex toy in her panties humming!

“A fan who wants my attention can do it with constant tips,” says gorgeous Latina kinkster Kristin Rose, “but if they want to keep my attention, good conversation will help us find that chemistry.”

Don’t panic! Tipping is definitely not the be-all end all! It’s just one part of the ice-breaking formula.

#5 – Get in the Mix with other Members

If you’ve found a camgirl worthy of your affection, chances are, you’re not alone. You can become part of a “cammunity” of fans. So get into the chat mix with other members. The good thing is, you already have something in common, so you can geek out on your cam cutie together.

We asked crystal-eyed southern belle Olive Ray what newbies should expect in her chatroom.

“A lot of nudity and a lot of joking around! We’re usually just hanging out and then we’ll switch it up to a really fun party chat. I want my room to be a place where guys can relax and get away from it all. When someone new comes in and starts joining in on the conversation and joking around with me and my regular members, they definitely catch my attention!”

#4 – Just Go Private and See What Happens!

Maybe mixing it up with other members makes you uncomfortable. You’re shy. That’s okay! Maybe for someone like you, going for an intimate one-on-one is the best option. Fortunately, there’s no harm in trying. Private shows cost credits, and simply starting a show will let any Camster girl your interest is serious. Camster girls can be shy too, and those that are really tend to shine in the private show setting.

Take Arianna Aries for example:

 “I’m fine chatting with new visitors or old friends. But the best way to get to know each other is to take me private. Also, I love Cam2Cam shows. I love to see the person, and move beyond our virtual form.”  

#3 – Be Funny!

“I have a crush on funny guys,” says smoking-hot brunette Mary Harris. “They are never boring, and that makes things more exciting!”

Yeah, we know that’s kind of like telling someone to “be creative,” or “be interesting,” but the truth is, just like in our off-cam lives, our sense of humor can make us shine in someone else’s eyes. So try a joke, a funny comment, or a little sarcasm! Maybe watch the chat for other comments that make her laugh to get a sense for what she likes. By and large, making a Camster girl laugh is an almost universal in.

#2 – Be Open & Interested

“Ask anyone in my room, my attention is almost always given to people who genuinely want to talk to me,” says punky American girl Cassidy Blackwood, “and I don’t mean ‘I love your ass’ comments … I mean: ‘how are you?’ I’m always waiting for a new and true friendship with a member.”

The Camster girls inspire lewd thoughts and wet dreams in everyone they meet. But they’re also real women who are so much more than incredible tits, perfectly shaped asses, or pouty blowjob lips. It sounds so simple, but starting a conversation with “how was your day?” goes surprisingly far in the eyes of many camgirls.

#1A – Be Polite!

“The best way is just to be nice,” says adorable college girl Little Lillyy.

Again, sometimes it’s the simple things that catapult you into a camgirl’s inner circle. Virtually every Camster girl we asked to quote for this article has replied with some version of “good manners get my attention!” Remember, you’re born a man, but you can choose to be a gentleman … even while you fantasize about her ravishing body.

#1B – Be Patient

Sometimes the simple truth is, the camgirl you like is busy, and chatting with dozens or hundreds of people at once can be overwhelming. Stay calm and try to be patient. Maybe your connection isn’t in the cards at this moment, and the satisfaction you seek may have to wait until later.

“I appreciate the person who understands where he is and has the patience to wait for an answer … because there are a lot of people in chat who want attention.” – B Alice

In the meantime, there’s more than one way to seduce a camgirl! Try following her on Twitter, Instagram, or her other social media accounts. Interact with her content, comment, like, and share her posts, and you can pave the way to a steamy encounter the next time you see her live on Camster!


Congrats to the Cam Girl Flirt Summit Winners of July!

It was one hell of a month for Flirt Summit! Cam girls received lots of recognition for the work they’ve been doing this past year and now they can celebrate…with more summer fun online!

The winners for July are:

1 Flirt Babes

2 Shantal Soler

3 Maye Daye

4 Olive Ray

5 Miilla Rousse

6 Less

7 Devious Angell

8 Adryenn

9 Carlee

10 Silvia Eyrie

There was also a random draw for some winners, including Alina Volkov, Ashley Ramirez, and Eliza Grace. There will be lots more fun to look forward to as the summer continues. We love finding out which models are going on retreats every year…just shows how much we love them and want to see them shine in paradise! Or, in other words…Cancun!

Discover the best flirts on!

Girls Private Cam Shows

Olive Ray Takes a Ride on Her Dildo in Amazing Vid, See the PHOTOS!

Olive Ray knows how to take a ride on her disco stick! In one of her hottest videos on, Olive sticks a giant dildo in her mouth before sticking it inside her other slippery hole!

She starts off by showing her ass in a blue thong, then flashes her gorgeous tits.

She pulls out her dildo and gives it a good blowjob. This girl knows how to suck well.

Then she spreads her legs and sticks the toy in her tight pussy. She just loves feeling that flesh in her hole while she takes all control.

If you want to see how Olive fucks, this is one of her best ways. Just imagine how badly she can ride your cock now.

See the full video right here!

Olive has been one of the most popular cam girls for more than five years now. She loves fulfilling dirty fantasies online and still has a lot to explore.

“I love taboo role play! The naughtier then better! I love be dominated and turned into your little cum whore. I love cuckolding switching back and forth on who gets cuckolded, but honestly, I’m open to almost any fetish play.”

Some of her fetishes include feet, roleplay games, sugar daddy, ball gags, and handcuffs. Five years as a cam girl and there are still so many activities left to play with on live cam chat! Cum see Olive shine!

Get your private show with Olive on!


Explore Cuckold Fantasies With Olive Ray on Camster

There’s something super hot about feeling inadequate. When there’s a hot chick who likes to take full power and bring you to your knees, we must obey.

However, there are times when the tables need to be switched. We rise back to our feet and watch that woman get on all fours and serve us like the dirty bitch she is.

That really is one of the best things about exploring our sexual fantasies. We can take on each side of ourselves and have fun with all of them. We can take control, be controlled, and play different roles so we can please and be pleased in return.

Well, that’s where Olive Ray cums in…

This cam girl has been one of the top cam girls for the past five years. She loves the cuckold vibe on and has become a pro after her time on live sex chat.

“I love to be dominated and turned into your little cum whore,” Olive said. “I love cuckolding switching back and forth on who gets cuckolded. but honestly, I’m open to almost any fetish play, but I’m really open-minded and can be as sweet and innocent as you want or be as dirty as you need your little whore to be.”

She’s such a good whore too. From all the nasty roleplay games she’s played to all the dildoes she can fuck herself with, Olive really knows how to make a man service her needs.

Get your private show with Olive on!

Girls Private Cam Shows

Watch Olive Ray Fuck Herself in Erotic Cam Show Right Here

Olive Ray has been mentioned a few times on Camster Blog. We love watching this chick play with herself in live sex chat. But some of you still haven’t seen her fully naked. Thankfully, her shows have previews available. And we’re showing them right here…

Olive has a special show titled “Me Thinking About You Deep Inside Me.” She starts off her performance lightly touching herself. Just like the angel she is, Olive reaches down her panties to get her tight hole wet for a thick cock.

She pulls down her panties and fingers herself slowly. Then she moans for more as she bangs herself harder. But it’s not enough. She needs something bigger.

She grabs her toy and rams it inside. She fucks herself, imagining how good you would feel as you make her cum. She’s been craving a hard fuck for so long now and she wants a man to make her squirt. And you can see every last inch of that amazing pussy in this hot video.

The full video can be seen right here!

This girl is one of most amazing cam girls on! She’s always there for her fans whether it’s something erotic or just an easy good time.

“I love to laugh, have fun, and make everyone in my room feel special! I want you to enjoy yourself and feel comfortable in my room! So stop by, introduce yourself, and let’s chat! I get so much enjoyment out of making your day better and putting a smile on your face whether it’s just talking and joking around or if it’s playing and cumming together. I have tons of toys and love trying new things in private. If you have a fetish let me know and let’s do it in private! Don’t be shy or think your fetish may be too weird. seriously I’ve done it all at this point and nothing is too weird!”

Get your private show with Olive on!


Discover True Love with Olive Ray on

Cum discover “olive” the amazing qualities about cam girl Olive Ray on!

Olive has been camming for nearly five years. She’s learned so much about making her audience feel released and satisfied as they cum their huge wads. But she also has a talent for giving her fans loyalty and comfort. Sounds like we could use some of that in stressful times like now.

This girl always takes pride in making a connection with that special someone.

“My biggest fantasies have always just been being watched. I am finally doing that fantasy so let me know your fantasies so we can make them come true 😉 at least as much as we can :)”

Five years of camming and Olive still has some fetishes she’s been looking to expand on. Just tell her what gets you hard and she’ll be down to make you explode that load.

“I love trying new things and exploring new fantasies and fetishes. Nothing is too weird or too much so don’t be shy and tell me what you like to do. I love trying new things and exploring my sexuality!”

Having that kind of intimacy is bound to make a long-lasting connection. Sometimes, it’s about exploring our innermost desires the most that make us feel amazing with someone else. And Olive is one of the sweetest cam girls who will help fulfill that magic.

Get your private show with Olive on!


Watch Olive Ray Play with Herself in Free Sex Chat on

Enjoy ‘olive’ the fun you want with Olive Ray, one of the sexiest cam girls on! This gorgeous girl loves getting naked on camera and fucking herself for her fans. Whether it’s finger play, dildo fun, or multiple toys (all at the same time), Olive knows how to perform pussy play in free sex live!

A free sex chat with Olive will leave your cock craving more of this kinky chick. She’s all about making her audience happy and this is the time to stop by her room. Most of us are still in lockdown, so we might as well have a good jerk-off session with a girl who wants to see that cum!

Get your private show with Olive on!