Maye Daye Explains How She Got Into Camming, ‘I Was so Fascinated’

Maye Daye is one of the most successful cam girls on! With her gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes, and naughty energy, she’s been making a wide name for herself in the world of live sex.

In one of Maye’s latest posts on, she revealed what sparked her interest in becoming a cam girl. Initially, she wanted a work-from-home job with flexible hours.

“That is when I came across an ad for Web Cam Modeling,” she wrote. “The ad was very intriguing and seemed promising. The ad stated that all I need to get started was a computer, webcam, and reliable internet. It glamorized everything I was looking for in a job (be your own boss/set your own hours/etc). So I decided to sign up.”

Thankfully, the rest became history. After signing up, she was approved and working her way to the top.

I had no idea what virtual dimension I had just landed in, but I was so fascinated by every aspect of camming. From chatting endless hours to people from all around the world to slowly opening up to the virtual art of tease.

“Before I knew it, I had officially been a cam model for a little over a month. I was enjoying cam so much, I decided to leave my vanilla job to pursue camming FULL-TIME.”

Some of Maye’s cam fetishes include submission, spanking, titty play, sexy lingerie, and plenty more.

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